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DIY Tree Removal: Why You Shouldn't Do It

All DIY projects are alluring. Our goal when we take on DIY projects is usually to save money. However, there are some projects you shouldn't attempt on your own. DIY tree removal is one of them! Read on to learn why you should put aside your "can do" attitude and trust the professionals to remove trees!

Understanding the Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Removing trees isn't as simple as hacking down limbs and chopping a tree at its base. DIY tree removal can be dangerous for several reasons:

  • Lack of expertise
  • Improper equipment usage
  • Property and safety hazards
  • Legal and insurance issues

It's often wise to leave tree removal to trained professionals. It will cost you money but it will save you a lot of grief and potential headaches down the road.

Lack of Expertise

Many tree service professionals are certified arborists or have formal knowledge in tree biology. These professionals know the safest ways to cut branches and fell trees. Improperly cutting limbs are felling trees can lead to property damage, or even loss of human life. Even the way trees fall can be unpredictable should they get bound up by surrounding trees or by the way they hinge at the point where they are cut. Trees may suddenly kick-back while falling or become entangled. Therefore, DIY tree removal is hazardous for numerous reasons.

Improper Equipment Usage

The equipment required for tree removal is dangerous and requires experience. Chainsaws, axes, bucket trucks, woodchippers, rigging equipment, and climbing gear all require specialized training. Improper use of these tools during DIY tree removal will lead to property damage, injury, or even death. Moreover, you'll be faced with the costs of renting this equipment for the project since you're not a professional.

Property and Safety Hazards

Surrounding building structures, fences, vehicles, powerlines, and roads are at risk during DIY tree removal. Tree removal also involves working at dangerous heights--especially in areas like Gainesville where trees are easily 60-80 feet tall. Proper planning and execution are required to minimize risks and maximize safety while taking down trees. Inexperienced DIY-ers are susceptible to falls, lacerations, or other serious injuries. Safety is the most important aspect of proper tree removal.

Legal and Insurance Issues

Lastly, should the unexpected occur during tree removal, it's crucial that you have protection. Removing trees also requires permitting and adherence to local regulations in most communities--especially Gainesville. DIY tree removal can lead to legal complications if permits are not obtained or if you violate local ordinances. There's greater liability on you as a DIY homeowner should a tree damage nearby property or cause injury to yourself or neighbors. Professional tree service companies are licensed, protected with insurance, and follow local regulations. Don't cause yourself headaches by trying to get rid of dead or nuisance trees yourself!

Don't Attempt DIY Tree Removal Yourself, Just Call the Wood Doctor in Gainesville, FL

Removing trees requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and liability protection. It's best to leave tree removal services to local licensed and insured professionals like The Wood Doctor. We have decades of experience removing trees in Gainesville. We get the job done right and safely!