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A tree that fell on a house

When a tree unexpectedly crashes down on your property, knowing what to do next is vital. Our guide offers practical advice on navigating emergency tree removal, empowering you to safeguard your property and swiftly restore peace of mind.

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Lot clearing services for developers in Gainesville, FL

When it comes to lot clearing services for developers in Gainesville, FL, here are some details you should consider.

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Tree closed to house

Let’s face it, trees often grow in awkward places near structures like your home, garage, or fenceline. This often leads to damage to your foundation or your roof. Moreover, these trees are difficult to remove without damaging the surrounding structures. Precision tree cutting for tight spaces is necessary in these situations. This is why you should always call a professional tree service company and not attempt to remove a tree yourself! Read on to learn what separates professionals from amateurs.

Precision Tree Cutting for Tight Spaces

Precise, strategic cuts must be made when removing a tree that’s close to buildings and structures.

Understanding Tight Space Tree-Cutting

Tight spaces would be defined as trees growing within 12 inches of a property’s structure on one or both sides of the tree. The most common scenarios where precision tree cutting is necessary...

Live Oak trees

We're known for our wide variety of oaks here in North Florida. These deciduous and broadleaf evergreens are native to the Southeastern US. When's the best time to trim oak trees in the Gainesville, FL area? We break it down in this article!

Common Types of Oaks in North Florida

These are the most common types of oak trees in North Florida and the Live Oak is probably the most recognizable.

Tree removal

All DIY projects are alluring. Our goal when we take on DIY projects is usually to save money. However, there are some projects you shouldn't attempt on your own. DIY tree removal is one of them! Read on to learn why you should put aside your "can do" attitude and trust the professionals to remove trees!

Understanding the Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Removing trees isn't as simple as hacking down limbs and chopping a tree at its base. DIY tree removal can be dangerous for several reasons:

  • Lack of expertise
  • Improper equipment usage
  • Property and safety hazards
  • Legal and insurance issues

It's often wise to leave tree removal to trained professionals. It will cost you money but it will save you a lot of grief and potential headaches down the road.

Lack of Expertise

Many tree service professionals are certified arborists or have formal knowledge in tree biology. These professionals know the safest ways to cut branches and...

storm damage

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